Products to Control and Monitor Pressure, Temperature, Flow & Level

PRESSURE AND TEMPERATURE INSTRUMENTATION CALIBRATION--We have a pressure calibration system for pressure gauges and transmitters that is traceable to NIST.  We also offer a temperature bath for setting temperature switched and transmitters.

FABRICATION--Hesse Reynolds Sales' capabilities include fabrication of plain and armored capillary assemblies for use with diaphragm seals on pressure gauges and switched.  We also offer direct reading scales for switches and flowmeters; and special stainless steel tagging. Our sister company Aurora Industrial Machining has complete machining and ASME Code welding capabilities.  Let us handle your special application.

FLOWMETER REPAIR AND RECONDITIONING--We offer fabrication and installation of variable area (VA) meter assemblies.

DIAPHRAGM SEAL ASSEMBLY--Hesse Reynolds Sales has a complete diaphragm seal facility where we can assemble, fill and calibrate gauges, switches and transmitters.  We have direct mount and remote capillary mount systems available. Fill fluids include: glycerine, halocarbon, vegetable oil, and distilled water.

Hesse Reynolds Sales offers the following value-added services:

OXYGEN CLEANING--Hesse Reynolds Sales' oxygen cleaning booth can handle all of your Class II, and Class III commercial cleaning needs.  We offer these services for valves, switches, gauges, flowmeters and miscellaneous parts.  We are certified to oxygen clean per Praxair's GS-38 specification as well.